The Show

The Relaxing Radio Show is a brand new two-hour show that plays the best gentle, calm, relaxing songs from the last 40 years along with the odd surprise.

The show is hosted by Nik Martin, who has worked for many years in commercial and public radio in the UK and overseas.

The Relaxing Radio Show is being made available for free to all non-profit stations. Profit-making stations are asked to make a small contribution to the production costs. Please PM for more details (@relaxingradio on Facebook and Twitter) or email nik (AT) A short demo can be found here.!AuBi0fZ-wAl1ihd2OD18oTOWisuc

  • Not a love songs show per se but includes plenty of ballads.
  • Key theme is around unwinding, de-stressing with great music.
  • Perfect airtime Sunday morning or evenings/late night.
  • Music intensive but with short sound-bites on relatable human interest content from books, movies, travel and other lifestyle themes.
  • Available in 50 and 58 minute versions.
  • In return, I ask that the show is well-signposted on station website, social media.